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Tissue paper making machine facial tissue production line

Tissue paper making machine facial tissue production line is to cut a good plate of tissue paper folded into the process "V" type of paper processing equipment, machinery and mechanical hand using vacuum assisted folding principle. The whole production line is within facail tissue machine cutting machine, facial tissue paper packing machine, facial tissue paper outer packaing machine.
Product Description

Tissue paper making machine facial tissue production line


Main technical parameter:

1.Tissue paper folded size:90X(120-210)±2mm

2.Tissue paper unfold size:180X(120-210)±2mm

3.Jumbo roll width:1260mm

4.Jumbo roll diameter:1100mm

5.Jumbo roll inner diameter:76.2mm

6.Jumbo roll raw material:13-17g


8.Slitting unit:Pneumatic slitting

9.Main motor:5.5KW

10.Jumbo roll motor:0.75KW(2 set)

11.Vacuum suction unit:18.5KW

12.3HP air compressor min pressure 5kg/cm 2PA

13.Timing belt

14.Tissue paper making machine speed:4200-5600pcs/min

15.Tissue paper making machine size:7950X3000X1860mm

16.Tissue paper making machine weight:6.0T



Tissue paper making machine Features:

Tissue paper making machine is to cut a good plate of tissue paper folded into the process "V" type of paper processing equipment, machinery and mechanical hand using vacuum assisted folding principle.
1.The jumbo rolls which have been slit into the desired width are cut by the slitting cylinders,and then interfolded into interoverlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets. This machine adopts independent servo motor drive ,automatic sipped,electrostatic treatment, security system ,automatic cutting and stop ,automatic tension adjustment,base paper power struggle,automatic marking functions. It features of high speed ,nice folding and easy operation .

2.Each unit are control by servo motor ,can adjust different raw material ratio of expansion and contraction

3.Wallboard rack and Machine running stability is extremely good fast

4.Pneumatic jumbo roll loading,pneumatic paper driving ,Stepless regulating speed ratio ,and web tension control.

5.Insertion point counting, simple and practical.

6.Equipped with edge embossing unit to keep the plies together

7.Tissue paper making machine will stop when the paper broken.It avoid waste caused by no paper or paper broken.

8.The web can be threaded on the machine by the two jog buttons,It’s more safety and easier to thread the web.