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Wet tissue machine baby wipes machine in 12 line high speed

Wet tissue making machine with two big jumbo roll slitting into 10 or 12 lanes, wet wipes packing machine within double label device, adjustable bag making parts,Tissue Wetting device: spray and soak wet each piece. baby wet wipes machine in high speed 2400-4800 pieces per minute. The machine is main for baby wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, hand clean wipes, makeup wipes, car clean wipes, shoe wipe
Product Description

Wet tissue machine baby wipes machine in 12 line high speed


1.       Wet tissue machine power supply: three phase, 380V 50HZ

2.       Wet tissue machine power: 25kw

3.       Wet tissue unfold size: (150-230)x(150-250)mm

4.       Wet tissue folded size: (150-230)x(90-120)mm

5.       Wet wipes package size:(200-300)x(90-120)x(30-80)mm

6.       Wet tissue machine production speed: 2400-3600pieces/min

7.       Baby wipes machine packing speed: 30-50 packages/min

8.       Baby wipes machine size: 18600x3500x2200mm

9.       Baby wipes machine weight: 9700kg








Wet tissue making machine features:

1. Wet tissue production types: disinfectant hand wipe, baby wipes, makeup wipes

1.  Wet tissue making machine with two big jumbo roll slitting into 10 or 12 lines, wet wipes packing machine within double label device, adjustable bag making parts

3.Tissue Wetting device: spray and soak wet each piece

4. Liquid system: mixing water tank 2 set in 400 liters, liquid recycle , liquid quantity can adjust

5. wipe length and packing size set on touch screen

6. Produce 40-120 pieces per pack non pop up and pop up baby wet wipes

7. Photoelectric detection without non woven machine stopping automatically

8. Main electrical parts: machine adopt famous brand Mitsubishi

9. Safety protection: Emergence stop and confined glass cover

10. PLC control system and Monitor system

11. Electrical system: PLC system, touch screen, control circuit,motor circuit, temperature control

12. Package: standard wooden package

13. Delivery time: 30-50 days

14. wet wipes machine manufacturing process: raw material roller- folding-wetting- cutting- cross folding-packing film-date print-punch- three side sealing-final 40-120 pieces baby wet wipes convey