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Surgical face mask making machine

Surgical face mask machine adopts all aluminum profile as frame structure, easy to dismantle, no need to paint the appearance, the electric control is touch screen human-machine interface operation
Product Description

Surgical face mask making machine



Mask machine Voltage: 220v 50HZ

Mask machine Power: 3.5kw

Surgical face mask making machine speed :100-160pcs/min

Surgical mask making Machine size: 2000x600x1200mm

Surgical face mask machine holder:1600x550x1400mm


Surgical face mask machine features:

Surgical face mask machine adopts all aluminum profile as frame structure, easy to dismantle, no need to paint the appearance, the electric control is touch screen human-machine interface operation, built-in production time, count, preset quantity automatic shutdown, etc

Mask machine Main technical Parameter: