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Automatic bricks making machine

Automatic bricks making machine adopts four column guide, equipped with strong vibration motor, adopts vibration table directional vertical vibration and upper mold pressurization vibration, realizes strong vibration effect with small power. The bricks machine is to compress the mixed cement into 2/4/6/8/9 bricks.
Product Description

Automatic bricks making machine


Bricks making machine main parameter:

Bricks machine size: 1300x1200x1600mm

Bricks machine power:7.5kw

Bricks making machine weight: 1000kg

Bricks making speed : 25s/pallet

Bricks pallet size: 880x450x25mm



Cement bricks making machine features:

1.cement brick making machine adopts four column guide, equipped with strong vibration motor, adopts vibration table directional vertical vibration and upper mold pressurization vibration, realizes strong vibration effect with small power, enables each raw material to flow and fill intensively effectively, effectively improves production efficiency, and produces block with uniform density and high strength.



2. Bricks machine adopts upper die push-pull, manual scraping and brick discharging. It is easy to operate and flexible, and can be familiar with and mastered quickly.



3. Bricks machine body is made of large-scale steel and special welding technology and materials, which is firm and shock resistant. The suspension and connection parts of the whole machine adopt the "spring isolation technology" and the directional vertical vibration technology, which reduces the power loss, improves the compactness, realizes the good shock absorption effect, reduces the wear of the mold and prolongs the working life of the mold.



4. When the wooden pallet is formed, it resonates with the mould synchronously without impact force, and the service life of the wooden pallet is more than twice that of the same kind of products.



5. One machine is multi-purpose, with different specifications of mold, can produce different specifications of cement brick, mold replacement is convenient and simple, maintenance is convenient.



6. The indenter can be moved longitudinally, which is convenient for feeding, maintenance and washing. The gap between the presser foot and the mold box is small, the rough edge of the block is small, and the appearance is good.