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pocket tissue machine

Full automatic pocket tissue machine 5-30packs wipes machine production type: mini baby wipes, makeup wipes, hand clean wipes,alcohol disinfectant wipes,Wipe Wetting device: spray and soak wet each piece. The wipes machine speed is 300-500 pieces/pack, which is adopt Mitsubishi servo motor.
Product Description

Full automatic pocket tissue machine 5-30packs wipes machine



Main technical parameter:

1.power supply: three phase 380V,50Hz

2. power:20KW

3. The size of machine: 5000X1300X200LX W X H

4. Non folding size of wet wipes(mm): (140-200) x (140-200)mm(LXW)

5. Folding size of wet wipes(mm): (75-100) x (60-80)mm(LXW)

6. Packing size5-30pcs

7.Product speed300-500pcs/min

8.Design speed: 500pcs/min (50-80pack/min)

9.Packing film, width 240 Diameter 400

10.Spunlace ,Width140-200mm, Diameter 1200mm Label: Width60 Diameter 300


Machine features:

1.       Pocket tissue machine wipes production type: mini baby wipes, makeup wipes, hand clean wipes,alcohol disinfectant wipes

2. Wipe Wetting device: spray and soak wet each piece

3. Liquid system: mixing water tank 400 liters, liquid recycle , liquid quantity can adjust

4. wipe length and packing size set on touch screen

5. Produce 5 to 30 pieces per pack wet wipes

6. Photoelectric detection without non woven machine stopping automatically

7. Main electrical parts: machine adopt famous brand Mitsubishi

8. Safety protection: Emergence stop and confined glass cover

9. PLC control system and Monitor system

10. Electrical system: PLC system, touch screen, control circuit,motor circuit, temperature control

11. Package: standard wooden package

12. Delivery time: 30-40 days

13. Machine production flow: raw material roller- folding-wetting- cutting- cross folding-packing flim-date print- three side sealing-final wipes convey