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HM-F1280A High Speed Baby Wipes Making Machine Tissue Production Line

HM-F1280A High Speed Baby Wipes Making Machine Tissue Production Line is a fully automatic wet wipes machine which finish completely baby wipes within package on one wet wipes production line. Two individul big jumbo roll easy to operate. The wet wipe production line is adpot famour brand MITSUBISH  in high qulity
Product Description

HM-F1280A High Speed Baby Wipes Making Machine Tissue Production Line


Main technical parameter:

1. Voltage: three phase, 380V, 50HZ

2. Power:18kw

3. Production speed: 2400-4800pcs/min 25-50packs/min (80pcs/pack)

4. Raw material size(mm): (1500)X1000 (width x diameter)

5. Wet wipe unfold size(mm): (120-210)mm X (160-220) (LXW)

6. Wet wipe folded size(mm): (120-210)mm X (80-110) (LXW)

7. Folding type: “Z” fold  ( non-pop up)

8. Suitable production: disinfecting wet wipe , makeup wet wipe, cleansing wet wipe

9. Suitable material: spunlace nonwoven

10. Raw material weight: 40-80g/m2

11. Packing film size(mm) : 400(Max) X350 (width x diameter)

12. Lable size(mm) :70(max) X300 ( width x diameter)

13. Package size (mm) :(140-280)X(90-110)X(30-80) (L X W X H)

14. Suitable packing film: PE&PET OPP&PE (aluminum-plated film)

15. Machine size (mm): 11400X4000X2100 (L X W X H)

16. Stainless steel mixing tank: 400L

17. Machine weight: 6500kg


Performance introduction:

1. Science design,structure compact,easy to operate and maintain.

2. Wipe Wetting device: spray wet each piece wipe and double concentrated spray wet.

3. Add liquid system: mixing device, add liquid device,recycle device, liquid quantity can adjust

4. Folding part raw material cutting system: wipe length can adjust

5. Photoelectric detection without non woven machine stopping automatically

6. Packing type: reciprocating transverse sealing, pneumatic insert corner device, option airplane shape end sealing cutter

7. Hole position, Lable position, feeding position, color mark position,all can adjust through the touch screen

8. Packing machine raw material cut system: Pneumatic tooth cutter

9. Stick Lable system:  Double Lable, two lable work together or separate can adjust

10. Date printer system: roll type date link print, can print production date and production number

11. Bag forming device: packing size can adjust

12. Main electrical parts: folding machine adopt famous brand MISTUBISH

  Packing machine adopt famous brand OMRON

13.Safety protection: Emergence stop and confined glass cover

14.PLC control system and Monitor system

15.Electrical system: PLC system, touch screen, control circuit,motor circuit, temperature control