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Make Our Own Brand Wet Wipes

Created on:2020-07-04

Make Our Own Brand Wet Wipes

Wet-Nap alcohol wipes 10 pieces per pack is eagerly bought in corona virus times as an dieal of counter off product. 10 individually wrapped wipes in a bag, no dehydration. Convenient and useful to have in your pocket for protection at unexpected times. For cleaning and disinfection of places and objects that many people come into content with :

1. Hands

2. Keyboards, mouse

3. Mobile phone

4. Handles and door handles

5. Small objects

6. Steering wheel and gear lever

7 Etc.

Have three options on wet wipes machine to make our own brand wet wipes

1. Semi automatic 5-30pcs wet wipes machine , packed by handly bag, which is suitable for the wipes business starting

2. Automatic 5-30 pocket wet tissue machine, suitable for stable wipes busiess 

3. Two lanes high speed pocket wet wipes machine


Make Our Own Brand Wet Wipes is not easy , choose our own wipes machine also difficult. Contact us for more details