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How to make wet wipes

Created on:2020-06-04

How to Make Wet Wipes

1.Workshop plant

2. Wet wipes prudction option

A. Single piece wet wipe is main to use at resturant or convenient to use at outside

B. 5-30 pieces wet wipes , it's a pocket wet tissue in makeup, disinfect, baby use

C. 40-120PCS wet wipes, it's main for baby use

3. Wet wipes machine proposal

A. single sachet wet wipes machine is to make single piece per pack wet wipes

B. 5-30 PCS per pack wet pocket tissue machine

C. 40-120PCS per pack disinfectant baby wet wipes machine

D. Must need Plastic lid machine to stick the plastic cover

4. Raw material

A. Spunlace nonwoven

B. Packing film

C. Disinfectante, perfume, purify water

5. Production flow: Spunlace nonwoven splitting, wipes folding, wipes wet, wipes cut, wipes stacking, convey to packing, given date, packing film hole making, labelling, sealing, plastic lid stick, final wipes production

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